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Remote support - full access for mods, edits and changes

How does KiM software offer support to remote users 
Modern day technology allows changes remotely.  In simple terms, this means we gain access to your software to make adjustments you require to : 

  • Improve paperwork to better define a project 
  • change, edit, create or modify reports
  • adjust a function or feature in the software to improve business efficiencies
The items above will certainly require different levels of access to your software as well as when our developer needs access to your system. 

There are different levels of remote access, in laymen's terms see below:
Full remote access "full remote access" which is the typical term used in the industry.  This means you will need to have your IT people create a "static IP address".  Typically this should not be more than a couple of hours work and a small monthly charge from your internet provider.  WHY - the integrity of your data is critical as is the developments, changes or modifications we would be performing, therefore static IT will provide a quality solution.

Dynamic IP address remote access "This type of access isn't ideal as it often causes drop outs and wastes time.  We do not recommend.

Remote access - Other options Proprietary software providers like TeamViewer  Go To Meeting Log Me In all of these great products, and many more can offer you simple remote access and offer various levels of security and reliability.  OUR VIEW - they are great for presentations and training, we have used them all and currently have a preference towards TeamViewer.  

Other remote access options - There is many options here like VPN Virtual Private Network  if you are using a MAC there are some great solutions and Microsoft PC's also offer several solutions.

In summary, dependant on your own requirements and your operating system you have a couple of decisions to make.  We are happy to use full remote access as our only recommended fool proof access.  


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